Thursday, December 21, 2006

The soul that regrets her sin

"When I wish to attract a soul nearer to Me, I ask sacrifices of her. That is the mark of My predilection.
It is the sun that gives the earth its beauty and animates it.
It is My grace that gives souls their beauty and that animates them.
My Omnipotence is limited only by your liberty.
It is with coal that I make diamonds.
What whould I not do with a soul, however black she might be, who would give herself to Me!
The soul that regrets her sin and makes reparation for it gives me a greater proof of love than a soul that has avoided sin. She who has avoided it gives me in an instant a passing proof of the solidity of her love; she who regrets and makes reparation offers me repeated proofs of it. She becomes so dear to Me that I unite her to Myself. The other avoided sin because she was already united to Me..."

Jesus to Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity, Poor Clare of Jerusalem (1901-1942)