Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Your Cross

Picture: Painting by Br. Rudolf, O.M.Cap.: Saint Francis presents the crucified Saviour to the world.

The everlasting God has in His wisdom foreseen from eternity the cross that He now presents to you as a gift from His inmost Heart. This cross He now sends you He has considered with His all-knowing eyes, understood with His divine mind, tested with His wise justice, warmed with loving arms and weighed with His own hands to see that it be not one inch too large and not one ounce too heavy for you. He has blessed it with His holy Name, anointed it with His grace, perfumced it with His consolation, taken one last glance at you and your courage, and then sent it to you from heaven, a special greeting from God to you, an alms of the all-merciful love of God.
St. Francis de Sales

Heralders of Divine Love, Rego Park, N.Y.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith?

"Every word of God is fire-tried, and He is a Buckler of Hope to those who hope in Him." (Proverbs.) This means that every word of God is absolutely true, and that He is a shield or protector to those who hope in Him. What is the hope most people have in Him? Withered, shrunk, ineffective. (I am not, of course, speaking on the theological virtue on which our salvation depends, but of hope in God's help in the everyday episodes of our life.) Religion should be a part of one's life. It consists in always thinking of God. The whole day long. Our Lord wants to be Master of your heart, and Master all the day long. Our Lord lives in your heart. He does not want you to tell Him in so many words that you love Him; He knows you cannot be praying all day. But He wants you always to be thinking of Him, to feel that He is with you. People are not intimate with Him because they think they can't be, so they don't try. Our Lord says: "My yoke is sweet and My burden is light." And again: "Come to Me, all ye who labour and are burdened, and I will refresh you." One condition He always asks: Trust. No matter how weak you are, how frail. He will help, if you will only go to Him. If anyone would really belive that God would make her a saint she would become one. We should have bigger hearts, more confidence. We don't trust Him one-tenth part as much as we should. Where do any good thoughts or aspirations we ever have come from? From Him: they are His gift. He says: "If you will only let Me, I will make a saint of you." It is by your want of confidence, hope, and trust, that you tie His hands.

From: Words of Encouragement - Notes of Instructions - delivered by Rev. Daniel Considine S.J., edited by F. C. Devas S.J. 1951

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

After Mary, St. Joseph is our Greatest Intercessor - St. Joseph, the Masterpiece of Mary's Intercession!

The Pious Union in Honor of St. Joseph, a crusade of prayers for the dying, was founded by Father Guanella (1842-1915) in the Church of St. Joseph's Death at Rome and raised by Pope Pius X to the dignity of an Arch-confraternity. It was canonically erected Jan. 18, 1930 at St. Peter's Church, Chicago, and affiliated with the Archconfraternity.

MEMBERSHIP: Registration of Christian and family names and prayers for the dying sinners. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the best way to aid the dying. We have centered around HOLY MASS, five degrees of membership: to attend a monthly Mass, a weekly Mass, a daily Mass, to have Masses offered and to consecrate one's entire life to this apostolate.

"Oh! shame of the human heart! A beast of burden falls, and there are found pitiful arms to raise it up. A soul, yea millions of souls, fall into sin and into hell every day and no one devotes even a thought to them." - St. Bernard

The greatest act of charity for the neighbor is to pray and offer sacrifice for the salvation of the dying!

Every Wednesday is dedicated in a special manner to St. Joseph.


Attend Holy Mass, receive Holy Communion and offer prayers to St. Joseph.

The most excellent means to obtain this special grace of a happy death is CHARITY. Therefore, in your devotions on the First Wednesdays, direct them in a special manner for the salvation of dying sinners in honor of St. Joseph.

Litany of St. Joseph

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us
God, the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us
God, the Son Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us.
Holy Mary, pray for us.
St. Joseph, pray of us.
Illustrious Son of David, ...
Light of the Patriarchs, ...
Spouse of the Mother of God, ...
Chaste Guardian of the Virgin, ...
Foster-Father of the Son of God, ...
Watchful Defender of Christ, ...
Head of the Holy Family, ...
Joseph most just, ...
Joseph most chaste, ...
Joseph most prudent, ...
Joseph most valiant, ...
Joseph most obedient, ...
Joseph most faithful, ...
Mirror of patience, ...
Lover of poverty, ...
Model of workmen, ...
Glory of domestic life, ...
Guardian of virgins, ...
Pillar of families, ...
Solace of the afflicted, ...
Hope of the sick, ...
Patron of the dying, ...
Terror of demons, ...
Protector of Holy Church, ...
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.
V. - He made him the Lord of His house.
R. - And the ruler of all his possessions.

Let us pray

O God, who in Your unspeakable providence did choose Blessed Joseph to be the spouse of Your most Holy Mother, grant that as we venerate him as our protector on earth, we may deserve to have him as our intercessor in heaven, who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.


Remember, O most pure spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, my protector, St. Joseph: that no one ever had recourse to your protection, or implored your aid without obtaining relief. Confiding, therefore, in your goodness, I come before you. Despise not my petitions, Foster-father of my Redeemer, but graciously receive them. Amen.

O Joseph, Foster-father of the Child Jesus and true Spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us and FOR THE DYING OF THIS DAY (OF THIS NIGHT). Amen.

O most merciful Jesus, Lover of souls, I pray You by the agony of Your most Sacred heart and by the sorrows of Your Immaculate Mother, cleanse in Your blood the sinners of the whole world who are now in their agony and are to die this day. Amen.
O Agonizing Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the dying!

May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

In honor of the Seven Joys and the Seven Sorrows of St. Joseph, recite seven Our Fathers, seven hail Marys and seven Glorys, for the dying.

Brother André of Mt. Royal recommended the Stations of the Cross as a powerful means to aid the dying and the Souls in purgatory.

Also keep the dying sinners in your Rosary.

Nihil Obstat: Rev. Luke Dittami, O.F.M. Censor Librorum - Imprimi Potest: Very Rev. Pius Barth, O.F.M. Ph.D., Provincial - Imprimatur: + Samuel Cardinal Stritch, D.D., Archbishop of Chicago, November 21, 1955
Pious Union of St. Joseph, 110 W. Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mariazell - Magna Mater Austriae

Mariazell, situated in the Austrian federal province of Styria, is the most famous sanctuary of the Virgin Mary in Central Europe and the spiritual and religious centre of the Catholic peoples in the Danube area. The shining of burning candles and never ceasing prayers have been filling Mariazell for more than 800 years since the monk Magnus had brought here a statue of the Virgin carved in linden wood from the Benedictine convent of St. Lambrecht. A small cell over the image was the beginning and gave Mariazell its name. The reputation of miraculous hearings of prayers soon attracted pilgrims from many countries, and about the year 1200 margrave Henry Vladislav of Moravia built the first church for the "Mater Gentium Slavorum" in gratitude for his healing from a serious disease. King Louis the Great of Hungary founded around the year 1370, after his glorious victory over the religious enemies from the east, a pilgrims' chapel that is still preserved today. Thus, Mariazell and the "Magna Hungarorum Domina" became the major place of pilgrimage for the Hungarians too.
Unlike any other place of pilgrimage Mariazell has been bound to this date with the Catholic peoples of Central and Eastern Europe, and the history of pilgrimage to Mariazell is part of the history of the Christian Occident. Emperors, kings and princes from all European nations have visited Mariazell during the centuries and found inner peace and consolation before the imperial sanctuary.
The chruch, standing in the midst of a beatiful mountainous landscape, is in its actual form the work of the famous Italien architect Domenico Sciassia of the 17th century. The high altar, a present of gratitude by Emperor Charles VI, was erected according to plans by Johann B. Fischer von Erlach; the altar of grace, for which the great Empress Maria Theresa endowed the splendid silver trellis, was designed by his son Emanuel. Beyond that, the greatest artists of the period created the magnificent interior decoration and made the durch, raised to the rank of basilica in 1907, one of the most beautiful baroque buildings of the Christian art.
Innumerable votive pictures in the galleries of the church and two treasure vaults with valuable and simple oblations from seven centuries impressively show how great a confidence was placed by millions of pilgrims in the miraculous place of Mariazell.
Even though the roots of Mariazell's attraction go back to the past of a formerly larger empire the "Magna Mater Austriae", Austria's great mother of God, has today become more than ever before a symbol of living Christian belief. The door of the basilica, the world-renowned "Door of Peace", is open to the faithful from all over the world.

During the period of pilgrimage (Easter to All Saints' Day) there are daily services at every full hour from 6.00 to 12.00 a.m., and at 6.30 p.m. There is a light procession every Saturday. Confession opportunity throughout the day in all European languages. The Superir's Office A-8630 Mariazell, accepts bookings for pilgrimages at any time and will be glad to give any additional information required.

My Day... A Mass ! ...

I bear the world in my heart, and with Christ and through Him, I offer all to the Father...

May our life be a host

My Daily Offering:
  • I offer all...
  • Heavenly Father, I place myself upon the paten, with my whole being, my soul, my body, with my intellect and my will, for I offer You all that I am and have.
  • I place upon this paten, all my joys, my sorrows of today, my work with its fatigue, my crosses with their bitterness.

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • I unite all this to the offering of Jesus as a holocaust of love for the salvation and sanctification of priestly and religious souls and for my own sanctification.

The drop of water - it is our life

  • United to Christ
  • By this drop of water which represents me, O my God, permit me to cast into the Chalice, with Jesus Christ, every moment of my life so that all may be sanctified, supernaturalized in the Blood of Christ and may pass through Him to the Adorable Trinity.
  • I cast also into the Chalice and I offer Thee the life and sufferings of those who do not offer them, that their lives and sufferings be united to those of Christ who suffered as they do and who dies for them.
  • In all the Masses
  • O my Jesus, I unite myself to all the Masses which will be celebrated this day throughout the world, in union with the intentions of your Sacred Heart. O my Jesus, I beg of you to retain for me, from each of these Masses, a drop of Thy Precious Blood, in expiation for my sins.
  • O Divine Heart of Jesus, give to the world many and holy priests to continue the work of your Redemption. Amen.

With Ecclesiastical Approval

A Treasure to exploit...

The death of our Saviour Jesus Christ upon the Cross - That is the great Treasure! The Holy Sacrifice of that Mass is the key which unlocks this treasure from which we can derive an abundance of graces.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the centre, the heart of our religion, a heart which, without ceasing, sends a stream of grace into the veins of Christianity, so that it may vivify each and every member of the great Mystical Body of Christ - which is our Holy Mother the Church. (Mgr. Mader).

Let us use this Treasure...

  • By assisting often devoutly at Holy Mass,
  • By having Masses said,
  • By uniting with all the Masses which will be celebrated in the world, at every hour of the day and night.

More than 400,000 Masses are celebrated each day - that means 5 Elevations every second. He who unites himself with them, shares in them. Let uns therefore gain for ourselves a Treasure in eternity...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Offering of the Holy Hour for Priests

O my God, poor, weak and miserable as I am, I have come to spend this hour alone with YOU, in reparation for the priests who have forgotten that they are Your chosen souls. Especially, dear God, do I offer this holy hour for the priest who at this moment needs it most. In praying for consecrated souls, help me to remember my own utter weakness, misery and nothingness. Were it not for your grace, I would be far worse than those for whom I pray.
O my God, help those priests who are faithful to remain faithful; to those who are falling, stretch forth Your Divine Hand that they may grasp it as their support. And for those poor unforunate souls who have fallen, lift them up in the great ocean of Your Mercy, that being engulfed therein, they may receive the grace to return to Your Great Loving Heart. Amen.

Nihil obstat: M. J. Grupa, censor librorum, Feb. 23, 1951 - Detroit
Imprimatur: + Edward Cardinal Mooney, Feb. 23, 1951 - Detroit
The Franciscan Marytown Press, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Daily Prayer for Priests

Paul Wante pinxit - Maria-Mediatrix Genval

O almighty eternal God, look upon the face of Thy Christ, and for love of Him who is the eternal High-priest, have pity on Thy priests. Remember, O most compassionate God, that they are but weak und frail human beings. Stir up in them the grace of their vocation which is in them by the imposition of the Bishop's hands. Keep them close to Thee, lest the enemy prevail against them, so that they may never do anything in the slightest degree unworthy of their sublime vocation.
O Jesus, I pray Thee for Thy faithful and fervent priests; for Thy unfaithful and tepid priests; for Thy priests laboring at home or abroad in distant misssion fields; for Thy tempted priests; for Thy lonely and desolate priests; for Thy young priests; for Thy aged priests; for Thy sick priests; for Thy dying priests; for the souls of Thy priests in purgatory.
But above all I commend to Thee the priests dearest to me: the priest who baptized me; the priests who absolved me from my sins; the priests at whose Masses I assisted and who gave me Thy Body and Blood in Holy Communion; the priests who taught and instructed me or helped me and encouraged me; all the priests to whom I am indebted in any other way, particularly... O Jesus, keep them all close to Thy heart, and bless them abundantly in time and in eternity. Amen.

Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us; obtain for us many and holy priests. (300 days. ind.)

Cum approbatione ecclesiastica
Claretian Center, Claretian Missionary Fathers, 3523 West 12th Street, Los Angeles, California 90019