Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Day... A Mass ! ...

I bear the world in my heart, and with Christ and through Him, I offer all to the Father...

May our life be a host

My Daily Offering:
  • I offer all...
  • Heavenly Father, I place myself upon the paten, with my whole being, my soul, my body, with my intellect and my will, for I offer You all that I am and have.
  • I place upon this paten, all my joys, my sorrows of today, my work with its fatigue, my crosses with their bitterness.

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • I unite all this to the offering of Jesus as a holocaust of love for the salvation and sanctification of priestly and religious souls and for my own sanctification.

The drop of water - it is our life

  • United to Christ
  • By this drop of water which represents me, O my God, permit me to cast into the Chalice, with Jesus Christ, every moment of my life so that all may be sanctified, supernaturalized in the Blood of Christ and may pass through Him to the Adorable Trinity.
  • I cast also into the Chalice and I offer Thee the life and sufferings of those who do not offer them, that their lives and sufferings be united to those of Christ who suffered as they do and who dies for them.
  • In all the Masses
  • O my Jesus, I unite myself to all the Masses which will be celebrated this day throughout the world, in union with the intentions of your Sacred Heart. O my Jesus, I beg of you to retain for me, from each of these Masses, a drop of Thy Precious Blood, in expiation for my sins.
  • O Divine Heart of Jesus, give to the world many and holy priests to continue the work of your Redemption. Amen.

With Ecclesiastical Approval

A Treasure to exploit...

The death of our Saviour Jesus Christ upon the Cross - That is the great Treasure! The Holy Sacrifice of that Mass is the key which unlocks this treasure from which we can derive an abundance of graces.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the centre, the heart of our religion, a heart which, without ceasing, sends a stream of grace into the veins of Christianity, so that it may vivify each and every member of the great Mystical Body of Christ - which is our Holy Mother the Church. (Mgr. Mader).

Let us use this Treasure...

  • By assisting often devoutly at Holy Mass,
  • By having Masses said,
  • By uniting with all the Masses which will be celebrated in the world, at every hour of the day and night.

More than 400,000 Masses are celebrated each day - that means 5 Elevations every second. He who unites himself with them, shares in them. Let uns therefore gain for ourselves a Treasure in eternity...

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