Monday, March 20, 2006

Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith?

"Every word of God is fire-tried, and He is a Buckler of Hope to those who hope in Him." (Proverbs.) This means that every word of God is absolutely true, and that He is a shield or protector to those who hope in Him. What is the hope most people have in Him? Withered, shrunk, ineffective. (I am not, of course, speaking on the theological virtue on which our salvation depends, but of hope in God's help in the everyday episodes of our life.) Religion should be a part of one's life. It consists in always thinking of God. The whole day long. Our Lord wants to be Master of your heart, and Master all the day long. Our Lord lives in your heart. He does not want you to tell Him in so many words that you love Him; He knows you cannot be praying all day. But He wants you always to be thinking of Him, to feel that He is with you. People are not intimate with Him because they think they can't be, so they don't try. Our Lord says: "My yoke is sweet and My burden is light." And again: "Come to Me, all ye who labour and are burdened, and I will refresh you." One condition He always asks: Trust. No matter how weak you are, how frail. He will help, if you will only go to Him. If anyone would really belive that God would make her a saint she would become one. We should have bigger hearts, more confidence. We don't trust Him one-tenth part as much as we should. Where do any good thoughts or aspirations we ever have come from? From Him: they are His gift. He says: "If you will only let Me, I will make a saint of you." It is by your want of confidence, hope, and trust, that you tie His hands.

From: Words of Encouragement - Notes of Instructions - delivered by Rev. Daniel Considine S.J., edited by F. C. Devas S.J. 1951

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