Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Prayer to St. Joseph Cupertino for a Good Life

O glorious St. Joseph Cupertino, who in this life spoke constantly to the hearts of the faithful through heroic virtues and marvelous wonders worked by the hand of God, turn to us who implore your blessing.
Arouse in our hearts some spark of that divine love which so inflamed your soul, so that we may desire nothing more than to please God all the days of our lives. And just as you were lifted up from the earth in ecstacy on hearing the sweet names of Jesus and Mary, pray that we, too, may detach ourselves from the things of earth, realize the vanity of the world, detest our sins and obtain pardon for them.
Strengthen our faith, O good St. Joseph, revive our hope and inflame our love, so that we may have Jesus always in our minds and hearts, and after a good Christian death may merit to enjoy His glory with you in Paradise. Amen.

Imprimi potest: Rev. L. E. Cotty, S.T.L. - Imprimatur: + James J. Navagh, Bishop of Ogdensburg, Jan. 25th, 1958.