Tuesday, February 05, 2008

From the Akatist Hymn

We see the most learned orators like fishes, voiceless concerning you, O Bogoroditsa*, for they are at a loss to say how You were able to bear and to remain a virgin: And we, wondering at the mystery, faithfully exclaim:

Hail, holder of God's wisdom,
Hail, storehouse of His providence,
Hail, showing lovers-of-wisdom unwise,
Hail, proving artful reasoners devoid of reason,
Hail, for clever disputants have been made foolish,
Hail, for myth-makers have withered away,
Hail, tearing apart the Sophist's webs of deceit,
Hail, filling fisherman's nets,
Hail, drawing out of ignorance's depth,
Hail, enlightening many in knowledge,
Hail, lighter for those wishing to be saved,
Hail, harbour for life's seamen,
Hail, Maiden Bride!...
Hail, tabernacle of God and word,
Hail, holier than the Holies,
Hail, ark gilded by the Spirit,
Hail, inexhaustible treasure of life,
Hail, precious diadem of pious emperors,
Hail, august boast of saintly priests,
Hail, unshakable tower of the Church,
Hail, impregnable rampart of the state,
Hail, through whom trophies are set up,
Hail, through whom enemies fall down,
Hail, healing of my body,
Hail, my soul's salvation,
Hail, Virgin Bride!

*Bogoroditsa means Mother of God

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