Saturday, June 21, 2008

Be Kind !

Misericordiam voloBe kind - for oh! a kind word spoken
To those whose hearts are well-nigh broken
Shall never pass away.
That kind word is a secret treasure
Whose recompense, beyond all measure,
Waits the great reckoning day.

Be kind, be kind unto thy brother,
The love thou wouldst have from another
Do thou thyself impart.
The kind deed wrought shall pass oh! never,
Its blessed fruit remains for ever
Deep in the SACRED HEART.

Thy kindly word again shall greet thee,
When Jesus shall come forth to meet thee,
When thou His Face shalt see.
The HEART OF JESUS has remembered;
"The kindness", He will say, "thou'st rendered
Was rendered unto Me".

E. Aubry, Murray St., New York
From the Voice of the Sacred Heart

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