Saturday, February 05, 2011

Prayer of Teresa Higginson for the spread of devotion to the Sacred Head of Our Lord

O infinite Wisdom, boundless Love, how unsearchable are Thy ways! Make known, O Lord, Thy desire to have Thy Sacred Head honoured as the Seat of divine Wisdom, and to have Thy holy Soul, sorrowful unto death, comforted. Arise and show that Thou art the Almighty God. Make known the burning desire of Thy Sacred Heart. Make haste, O Lord, for Thy own dear sake.
Do not delay; I conjure Thee through Thy most Precious Blood, and for Thy bitter Passion's sake.
I ask Thee, O ever Blessed Trinity, in the holy name of Jesus, in honour of this same Seat of Divine Wisdom, and through the burning love of His Sacred Heart; I ask Thee in the name of Mary and Joseph, and for the salvation of souls, that Thou  wilt make known and spread this Devotion.
O Lord Thou knowest the desire with which I desire to satisfy Thee; yet how weak and helpless I am; and how little is yet done.
Speak, Lord, and say what Thou wouldst have us do.

Imprimatur: Liverpolii die 13 Sep. 1931, + Ricardus Archiepiscopus Liverpolitanus.

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Holy Face Novena said...

Dear Paul

Attached is the novena in honour of and reparation to Our Lord's Holy Face. He asked the recently canonised St Mary of St.Peter to keep a feast ( Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras, 8th of March this year ) to make reparation for all the horrible blasphemies and sacrileges hurled against Him by ungrateful and malicious sinners, as well as in reparation for the blasphemous use of His Sacred Name. If at all possible have the Mass of the Sacred Face, (will email you a copy if it if you want) or a Mass offered in reparation on that day. The novena starts on 27th February to 7th March. Please be so kind to forward this email to the French Apostolate of the Sacred Head. that they too may join this great novena.

God bless.