Sunday, June 12, 2011

Teresa's Prayer To Mary

O Mary, I implore Thee by all the love and homage Thou hast bestowed on this Seat of Divine Wisdom before which the Cherubim and Seraphim lie prostrate in awe and trembling, fear and love, by this Sacred Head which Thou hast so often pressed on Thy Immaculate Heart and pillowed on Thy bosom. Oh Mary and Joseph, oh ye Choirs of Angels and glorious Assembly of Saints, raise now your minds, your hearts, and your hands to the adorable Trinity and beg the holy of Holies to look upon these warm vermilion drops of priceless worth, The Precious Blood of Jesus that have obeyed to the orders of His Divine Wisdom, ask Him through His obedience unto death, through the Wisdom and Love He has displayed towards His creatures, to arise and spread this light over the whole face of the earth. Where should we all be if it were not for His Infinite Wisdom and Love? In the Nothingness out of which He called all things. Then let all creatures acknowledge, praise, bless and love this Wisdom, let them adore the Sacred Head of Jesus as its Seat. Not my will but Thine be done. I mean that I am ready to await Thy good pleasure, but Oh Lord, Thou knowest how this fire burns within me, Thou knowest all things. My love and my desires are not hidden from Thee. Amen.

From the booklet: Teresa Helena Higginson and the devotion to The Sacred Head of Christ, Seat of Divine Wisdom

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