Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hymn of Saint Alphonsus, in Honour of the Blessed Eucharist

O Bread of Heaven, beneath this veil
Thou dost my very God conceal;
My Jesus, dearest Treasure, hail!
I love Thee and adoring kneel:
The loving soul by Thee is fed
With Thine Own Self in form of bread.

O Food of Life, Thou Who dost give
The pledge of immortality;
I live - no, 'tis not I that live;
God gives me life, God lives in me:
He feeds my soul, He guides my ways,
And every grief with joy repays.

O Bond of Love, that dost unite
The servant of his living Lord,
Could I dare live and not requite
Such love, then death were meet reward;
I cannot live, unless to prove
Some love for such unmeasured love.

O mighty Fire, Thou that dost burn
To kindle every mind and heart,
To Thee my frozen soul doth yearn;
Come, Lord of Love, Thy warmth impart.
If thus to speak too bold appear,
'Tis love like Thine heath banished fear.

My dearest God, Who dost so bind
My heart with countless chains to Thee;
O sweetest Love, my soul shall find
In Thy dear bonds true liberty;
Thyself Thou hast bestowed on me,
Thine, Thine for ever I will be.

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