Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Crucifix

Hail, Sweet Cross of Christ! Hail, all hail, my beloved Crucifix! Hail, thou instrument of my salvation! Hail, sign of my redemption! Hail, my glory, my consolation and my hope! Hail, all hail, sweet Son of God, kind Friend of man! Hail, all hail, the strength of my will, the light of my mind, the love and joy of my heart! May I never forget Thy holy inspirations, Thy burning love; never forget the hope Thou givest me, Thy strength und beauty. May my days and nights be spent in Thy love; my last hour find me Thy faithful friend; my last breath be breathed for Thee, the last pulse of my heart be Thine, O loving God of my Crucifix.

From: The Little Treasury of Leaflets, Vol. IV., with prayers at Mass and numerous devotional exercises, M. H. Gill & Sons, Ltd., Dublin
Nihil obstat: Joannes Waters, Censor Theol. Deput.
Imprimi potest: ! Gulielmus, Archiep. Dublinen. Hiberniae Primas, Dublin, die 30 Junii, 1914

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